[$9 TEMPLATE] Affiliate Partner Application Form

Working with affiliates has one of the highest ROI’s in marketing and is one of the fastest ways to make more course sales without needing to spend lots of money on social ads..

So my question is, if the course creator experts are working with affiliates, why aren’t you? 

Affiliate Programs aren’t just for the “big names” in the online industry… they are for you, too!

I’ve put together this Affiliate Partner Application Form that you can make a copy of and share with people you'd like to have as an affiliate for you.

They complete the form, and then from there, you would onboard them as your affiliate!

Why do you want to have people apply to be an affiliate partner for you?

To make sure they are a great fit!

I’m not a huge advocate of letting any Old Joe off the internet streets be an affiliate for you, because their reputation can affect your business.

For example, if Old Joe is sleezy and unethical, and he’s out promoting your work, people might associate your work with Joe’s sleezy and unethical reputation. We definitely don’t want that!

So I recommend having people “apply” to be your affiliate to ensure they are a great fit.

Potential affiliates could be:

👭 Current or past course students

🤝 Colleagues in your industry who have complimentary products or services

👩‍💻 Past clients who can speak to your expertise around your topic.

Click the button below to access the Affiliate Partner Application Form for only $9.

I'll send you the application form right away, along with some additional information to support you in setting up your profitable affiliate program.

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