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Hey Y'all! I'm Kelly Morrison, Founder of

I show digital product and course creators how to create a profitable affiliate program that helps them make more income and more impact by leveraging the power of affiliates.

I hope you'll check out some of the amazing resources available for you here so you can make more sales and increase your impact!

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[FREE TEMPLATE] Affiliate Partner Application Form

Working with affiliates has one of the highest ROI’s in marketing and is one of the fastest ways to make more course sales without needing to spend lots of money on social ads..

So my question is, if the course creator experts are working with affiliates, why aren’t you? 

Affiliate Programs aren’t just for the “big names” in the online industry… they are for you, too!

I’ve put together this Affiliate Partner Application Form that you can make a copy of and share with people you'd like to have as an affiliate for you.

They complete the form, and then from there, you would onboard them as your affiliate!

Click the button below to access the Affiliate Partner Application Form Template

Affiliate Promo Packet Canva Template

The key to having a successful affiliate program is making sure your affiliates can easily find everything they need to promote your course or membership...

With the Affiliate Promo Packet Template, you get access to a Canva template that is yours to take and edit as you desire.  The pages listed inside this packet are the ones I highly encourage you to fill out with your specific Affiliate Program Information and to add your images and switch out the colors with your unique brand colors.

When you purchase, you get immediate access to the Canva template link and can start customizing your template right away.

The Profitable Affiliate Program Template Bundle

Want to make more sales of your digital product or online course by creating an affiliate program... but aren't sure where to start?​​​​​​

To help you handle doing an affiliate program for your business professionally and efficiently, and in a way that makes you and your affiliates feel supported and part of a total win-win collaboration (one where you're both making impact and money!), I've put together this Affiliate Template Bundle that will give you everything you need to run a profitable affiliate program!

These are the only templates you need to run a successful and profitable affiliate program...


Are You Ready to Sell More of Your Online Courses in 2021… without needing to have a massive email list or having to spend a dime on social ads?

Imagine having access to everything needed for your affiliate program to be fully set up and optimized so you can begin to gain massive visibility for your brand, grow your email list with warm new leads ready to buy your online courses, and make more sales working with your ideal affiliate partners?

You don’t have to try to figure it all on your own or pay someone else thousands of dollars to do it for you.

You can join MAKE MORE TOGETHER today and get instant access to everything needed to set up your PROFITABLE affiliate program.

50+ Client Care Templates

To help you save hours of your time (or money spent paying a VA to spend hours of their time) when responding to client and customer’s emails, I’ve got something exciting to share with you…


Save hours of time when responding to client care emails with ready-to-use Templates for common {and not so common} emails you receive from your clients and customers.

… Because Happy Customers = Repeat Customers!

When you order today, you’ll be sent the 50+ Client Care Templates immediately… plus I’ll be adding more templates as more questions arise!

These are templates you can use if you are handling your customer service inbox yourself, or you can share them with your Virtual Assistant!

Set Up Your Affiliate Program Tech​ ~ Mini-Training + Template for Kajabi Users

It does NOT have to be difficult or time consuming to set up your affiliate program… 

This mini-training will give you the tech information you need in order to set up your affiliate program inside of Kajabi (I’ll do a walk-through of it for you!) so you can implement your affiliate program quickly in order to begin selling more of your digital products or online courses through affiliates right away.

This mini-training includes a mini video training, PDF guide, bonus affiliate template + Canva templates.

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